Q&A with Rachel Moss, COO of BHP – Chamber of Commerce & Congdon Yards

Q&A with Rachel Moss, COO of BHP – Chamber of Commerce & Congdon Yards

08 . 28 . 2020

When Business High Point – Chamber of Commerce first spearheaded the HP365 initiative, no one knew it would evolve into one of the biggest projects our community has ever seen—Congdon Yards. Here, Chief Operating Officer of BHP – Chamber of Commerce Rachel Moss explains her behind the scenes role in Congdon Yards and the years of thought and planning that have gone into this project that will totally transform the future of High Point.

What’s been your role in the Congdon Yards project?
My role has shifted over time. At first, I was focused on all things “financial”which is quite daunting when you are taking on a $40M projectbut thanks to the confidence that Patrick Chapin and David Congdon have in me, I am now leading all aspects of the project. I’m overseeing everything from construction and design, programming, working with potential tenants and partners to ensuring clarity of our mission, which is economic development, job creation and supporting entrepreneurs. I am so honored to lead the Congdon Yards projectand to work with David Congdon. He is a truly brilliant businessman with such an incredible heart for High Point.

What’s been the best, or most challenging, part of the project?
I can easily say the best part of this project has been seeing the transformation of Plant 7 and The Factory. These beautiful buildings have been a part of High Point’s history for over a hundred years, and watching them come back to life is awe inspiring. As for challenges, personally, it’s been hard to let go of some of the responsibilities I have at the Chamber. BHP – Chamber of Commerce is so important to our members and the community, but I know it it is great hands. This is evident by the amazing initiatives like Food Mob, Biz Mob and Community First. Community Always. I miss the personal connection with our members, but I look forward to seeing them all at Congdon Yards, once it’s open and safe to gather together.

How has BHP been a leader in this project?
As BHP – Chamber of Commerce supported the development of Truist Point, home of the High Point Rockers, we were inspired to develop a place that can grow alongside the stadium and downtown core. We want to bring transformational change to High Point. When we began this project, we started with a $1.5 million grant with the hope of generating a place for the community to conduct business in the downtown area. Once David Congdon and the Congdon family became involved, the vision grew, and now Congdon Yards is a place that will stimulate the economy year-round, attract talent to High Point, and offer educational resources to professionals of all ages. BHP is truly the catalyst of the project. We wanted to create something that the people of High Point will be proud of—and thanks to our incredible team and partners, including HPU, IMC, Bill Millis, Blue Ridge Properties and many more, that vision is now becoming reality.

What are you most looking forward to when Plant 7 opens?
I’m ready for the community to be together in one space again. For so long, High Point has lacked a place in downtown that could act as a unifier for the community, but now with the opening of Plant 7, and eventually the rest of the Congdon Yards campus, High Point will finally have the downtown core it needs. This will be a place where an entrepreneur can bump into a CEO of a company. It’s a place where HPU students will make connections with professionals in the community. It’s a place where designers in the furniture industry will come to take their businesses to the next level. This is such a special placeand it’s more than beautiful buildings. I’m just so excited for people to come to Congdon Yards and experience it.

Why should people tune into the update on August 27th?
The community has been eager to see what we’ve been working on at Congdon Yards, and we think they’re going to be wowed by what we have to show. Patrick Chapin is going to kick us off with an update of how far we’ve come. David Congdon will share how he and his family’s foundation are helping to bring this vision to life. Architect Louis Cherry plans to share the newest renderings, as well as construction photos, I’ll talk about our operational plans, and we’ll have several other presenters and some big announcements, too. But you’ll have to tune in if you want to be among the first to hear!