Q&A with Christi Barbour of Barbour Spangle Design

Q&A with Christi Barbour of Barbour Spangle Design

05 . 28 . 2020

Congdon Yards is a place inspired by the rich history of High Point and built for the very people that will continue to lead its legacy. It’s a place for people to gather, share their stories and find inspiration for their next big idea. The historic Factory and Plant 7 buildings provide the perfect foundation. To bring Congdon Yards to life from the inside out, we turned to High Point’s own Barbour Spangle Design. Here, founder and partner Christi Barbour shares a little about the studio’s creative and thoughtful approach to the interior design of Congdon Yards.

How would you describe the design of Congdon Yards? What story are you trying to tell? 

Imagine a place where creativity collides with entrepreneurship; business aligns with imagination and community benefits most of all.

Operating out of an 1920’s hosiery mill and adjacent Factory Building, Congdon Yards is conveniently located in the heart of downtown High Point, the Creative Capital of the World. Through various programming and design, Congdon Yards will connect like-minded creative souls through leisure, culture and community to establish a dynamic and inspiring environment for visitors and tenants alike.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities presented by this project? 

We would say the most rewarding opportunity on this project was partnering with local manufacturers to share the rich, creative history of High Point. Including these manufacturers into the design, the opportunity for special messaging and story-telling about the community at large, the influence it has on the design, and the sense of community pride, is yet another layer to the unique nature of this building.

The challenge to this unique opportunity is it has added steps to the overall process, however, we believe this is what makes this building so special.

                      From left to right: Christi Spangle (Partner), Christi Barbour (Partner), Brianne Verstat, Marley                                    Rush, Hope Tucker, Erin Schlaeppi, Kelley Werran, Emily Yavorsky, Hillary Powers, Kate McKee,                          Jordan Neises, Morgan White, Stephanie Strawn

Are you especially excited about/proud of any particular part of Congdon Yards? 

I am particularly fond of two areas at Congdon Yards: The first is The Commons! I love that it is a special space that fosters creativity and encourages people to share ideas and make connections in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. It is a one-of-kind, design-led community space created for individually minded creators and innovators. From a beautifully terraced patio courtyard to a variety of indoor seating, The Commons is designed to inspire, stimulate and promote creativity and most importantly, cultivate relationships.

The second is The Loft at the Factory. This unique venue is the perfect backdrop to events large and small, serious and formal, trendy or traditional. The backdrop is rich with a history of materials yet feels very current and offers beautiful views of the city and our new ballpark.

Is the design of The Commons inspired by any other spaces or styles you love? 

The design ethos of The Commons is more about a feeling, a lifestyle and an experience. You will find that The Commons is inspired by our years of extensive travel around the globe with an eye for curating collections of various materials, styles and design.

What do you think Congdon Yards will mean for our community? 

Congdon Yards represents a bold future, innovation, and a sense of belonging combined with a rich history, culture and heritage. A center for year-round activity for entrepreneurship, commerce, and craftsmanship, Congdon Yards will stand as a monument to the past and a catalyst for the future.