Behind the Walls of Plant 7

Behind the Walls of Plant 7

08 . 21 . 2020

Congdon Yards is a place that offers spaces that will be shared, celebrated and enjoyed by our entire community. And with the grand opening of Plant 7 quickly approaching, we wanted to share a sneak peek of those spaces—specifically, our extraordinary workspace area. Built for anyone that loves to make things happen, these workspaces are going to be a high-energy hub filled with entrepreneurs, innovators, up-and-comers, and legendary leaders.


Natural light and the energy of inspiration create a bold and inspiring entrance.

Visitors receive a warm, comfortable reception when stepping inside our workspace and office area.

A common area between the private offices invites people to gather, chat, collaborate or just take a breather.

Another common area features more seating as well as a conference table perfect for that impromptu brainstorming session.

The kitchen provides a relaxing space to share a quick lunch and maybe an idea or two.


This is just a glimpse at one of the many incredible spaces we’re building inside of Plant 7 and throughout all of Congdon Yards. We’ve made incredible progress and are excited to share the grand opening of Plant 7 with you in September.