Where movers, shakers and makers get down to business.

A city born at a crossroads understands the power of intersection.

In Congdon Yards, we’ve created a new nexus for the High Point community. A place where a veteran furniture maker might cross paths with an up-and-coming textile designer. Where a government leader can grab lunch alongside an avant garde artist. Where you can rent out a floor for your company’s new downtown headquarters, or just bring over your laptop to escape the solitude of a home office for a day.

Congdon Yards is a high-energy hub for anyone who loves to make things happen.

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From entrepreneurs who need a simple 200-sq.-ft. office to businesses that need an entire floor, you can find the perfect workspace to make Congdon Yards your home base.

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The Commons

If you don’t need to rent private offices but do want a great place to work downtown once in a while, come over to The Commons, our dynamic public space with plenty of room to work, collaborate and connect.